A few days ago the image in this post found its ways into my social media feed. I can’t find a source on the image to give proper attribution. If any who see my post do know the origins of the image, please let me know as I’d like to give credit where credit is due.

Re-living old sterotypes
Preparing Students for 1986 – Banning Technology In the Classroom

This image troubles me as a veteran educator and educational technologist. I don’t put my phone away when I go to work, do you? I use my laptop and other technology tools to do my job, do you? The job of our children is to learn and they should be learning to use technology to learn. They should also be learning how to live in this world with technology and use it appropriately and effectively. I have been to more movies, public gatherings and funerals where phones rang or dinged or otherwise interrupted time when they shouldn’t. If children don’t learn how to use technology and how to manage it, how can we expect them to know how manage it as adults?

Educators must employ technology to its best advantage to enhance, extend and expand learning for students; to develop students’ curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills. Otherwise the education is preparing students for 1986.

I am troubled that we would celebrate preventing students from using technology for learning.

Do you learn without technology? When is the last time you researched something without using Google or Bing? Let’s be careful not to mythologize and inadvertently give credence to something that is a real issue going on in education right now.

Technology Belongs in the Learning Process
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