Nurturing The Culture of Learning

How is it that we’ve shaped school to make failure something shameful? Something to be avoided? As educators, the evaluation process certainly doesn’t support a model of failing forward or failing up.

Coaching for Learning

In my 20+ years in education, we’ve spent an awful lot of time focusing on “training teachers to use technology”. As if we just have them sit in a room long enough listening to step by step directions, it’ll transform their classrooms. My guess is that’s not going to work out if it hasn’t in the last 20 years! What I have found is that coaching is a much better way to lead transformational changes in teaching and learning with technology.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Public Education could learn a lot from some businesses about innovation. My experience with public education was that there was a tendency to become complacent in believing that public education is an institution that can’t be dismantled. And as such the motivation and urgency to change seem less clear than my experience has been working in the corporate world.

EngageME: PLEASE! (Personalized Learning Experiences Accelerate Standards-based Education)

This blog post is cross posted on the Rodel Foundation Blog ( Personalized learning has certainly reached trending status in the education community.  The phrase is being used in many places with many different definitions. For instance, the U.S. Department…

Strategies for Taking Flight with BYOT

(cross posted at BYOT Network and Bold Visions and cowritten by Dr. Tim Clark, Instructional Technology Coordinator of Forsyth County Schools) The Partnership for 21st Century Skills identified 4 critical areas of learning for students that include creativity, critical thinking, communication and…

iRead iCreate iShare, A Reading Incentive Program

It has been a goal of mine for quite a while to create a modern version of the reading incentive program. The reading incentives that I’ve been aware of previously have all focused on students earning points towards tchotchkes. I…

Distilled Visions in a Sentence, or perhaps Poetry

Vision statements are a central theme for me.  Look at the name of my blog… Bold Visions.  I believe in the power of dreams to create opportunity for change and growth. And the aspiration must be revisited again and again…

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