Technology Belongs in the Learning Process

Educators must be employ technology to its best advantage to enhance, extend and expand learning for students; to develop students’ curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills. Otherwise the education is preparing students for 1986.

New Forms of Formative Assessment

Of course we need to gather data about a student’s understanding of concepts at the moment of learning. That’s really not news if you are a thinking, feeling, caring educator. What was so interesting about Bernajean’s work is her focus on assessing student interest and reflection.

Engaging Students Is More Than Sparkledust

I’m troubled by the use of the term student engagement. I’m troubled because the phrase has been so overused as to lose any real meaning in most cases. I’m concerned that in some cases it seems that engagement means being…

Authentically Collaborating? Collaborating Authentically

Collaboration has been on my mind often in the last several weeks. What exactly is effective, authentic collaboration? I’m finding it harder to define it than I am to tell you what it isn’t. Authentic collaboration isn’t having students draw…

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